For me, photography is more than a career, or even an art form. It's life-giving. It ignites the heart and stops time all at once. It's also one of the most valuable things I can offer. I'm not rich (cuz...photographer) and you do not want to try my cooking. But I'm passionate about images and the people I put in them. I'm also passionate about Minnesota adoption/foster care, human trafficking prevention and military service. These things weigh on my heart, keep me up at night and get me out the door. Here's what my camera and I want to give to these causes:

Wait No More

November is adoption awareness month! I wasn't aware of this until my husband and I (slowly) began the foster/adoption training program in 2015. In honor of this amazing and critical program, I offer free mini sessions during the month of November to families who have recently adopted a child (or children) from the Minnesota Waiting Child program. Space is limited and based on my scheduling availability, but if this is you, I want to take your picture! Contact me and mention the Wait No More program.

Military Members

Both my husband and I are children of veterans. Understanding of what it's like to be a "military brat" is one of the first things we bonded over. I've never had the honor of serving, but I know the toll it took on our family and that every moment spent wondering "will he come home" was worth it. I offer a 10% discount on all services for members of the military, active, reserve or retired.

Not For Sale

It breaks my heart that the Twin Cities has such a shockingly high instance of human trafficking. It is a too-little known and too-often brushed aside cancer of our community. I want to fight it with everything I've got. I offer event coverage and some portrait work free of charge for non-profit organizations whose primary mission is the elimination of using human beings as commodities. Space is limited based on my availability, but I want to help if I can. Contact me and mention the Not For Sale program.