What’s your photographic style?

My style is vibrant, classic and playful. I’m also a sucker for the dramatic. I strive to seize life in the context in which it unfolds, but I’m not shy about guiding my subjects in order to frame a story. Since I came out of studio and environmental portraiture, lighting is always very intentional for me, even for spur-of-the-moment shots. Of course, words about pictures fall short of, well, pictures. So please, see for yourself.

I love your work, but I hate getting my picture taken...

Me too! That’s why I work on the other side of the camera. But seriously, I take a relaxed approach to photography and spend as much time as necessary getting my clients comfortable in front of the lens. Bringing out people's confidence and personality is one of my talents and drives everything I do.

How far in advance should we book you?

For weddings, clients normally book eight-twelve months in advance. May-October usually fill up first because it is above freezing in Minnesota. For lifestyle and portrait sessions, clients normally book three-six weeks in advance. Single headshots can usually be scheduled within 1-2 weeks. Larger commercial portrait and branding assignments may require some discovery and pre-production steps, and so the scheduling timeline may vary. Please contact me and enter your event date to find out if I’m available.

I love your work, but the Wedding budget is tight...

Hang in there! Wedding clients can list additional hours of service, a second shooter, albums and other products on a custom wedding registry tool, which they can share with family and wedding guests. This is an online tool where all payments are submitted directly to me, so client's don't have to worry about being a middle man. Trade in those trips returning duplicates and unwanted items to the department store for a beautiful photo album!

Do you carry business insurance?

Yes! You can’t work for an insurance company for 10 years and not be totally paranoid (even if all you did was take pictures and make pretty graphs). I carry equipment insurance and liability insurance, which is standard for professional photographers. Some event venues require vendors to provide proof of liability insurance in advance of the event date.

Are your photography packages customizable?

Yes! I work directly with clients to recommend or create a photography package to for their needs. Customization includes hours of coverage, second shooters and assistants, image usage rights, prints & products, locations (including studio) and even hair and makeup.

What equipment do you shoot with?

I shoot with professional grade Nikon DSLRs and a variety of Nikkor and Sigma Art lenses. I greatly prefer prime lenses, but I use some zooms as well. I am also a lighting nerd, so I frequently use artificial lighting equipment and techniques to create different effects. In fact, many of my portfolio images that look like natural light were actually lit with a strobe.

How many photos do I get with the final delivery?

I usually deliver 50-70 photos per hour of coverage for weddings. For family and senior sessions, I deliver 30-50 depending on the package. And for commercial and editorial sessions, the number of images is drawn out in the original contract. I must confess, I’m not a fan of more is better when it comes to photos. I am very deliberate when it comes to choosing and executing my shots. Each photo is intentional, and together form the rhythm of a story. For weddings, especially, I am shooting with the album in mind, which helps me craft the narrative as events unfold.

Do you edit all the photos you deliver?

Yes! Once I weed out duplicates and the occasional missfire, every image is color-corrected, straightened, and retouched. Many things have changed from the film and darkroom days. But one thing hasn't changed: half the magic happens after a photo leaves the camera. This doesn't mean fancy, trendy effects. It means skilled processing and refining. Years before I ever touched a professional camera, I was processing and retouching commercial images professionally. This experience greatly informs my work behind the lens as well as in the digital dark room.

I’m really excited to see my photos! When will they be ready?

And I’m excited to show them to you. Wedding photos usually take six weeks from the wedding day to final file delivery. If you ordered an album with your package, the digital album proof is the first thing you will see and comes about five weeks after your wedding date. Albums take three to four weeks to be delivered after your final layout approval. For family and senior sessions, you’ll see your fully retouched photos at your scheduled in-person reveal. Commercial photography turnaround is worked out during booking and is based on the complexity of the request.

Do I really need a second shooter for my wedding?

Need is a strong word. If you're having an outdoor wedding in the back yard of a house you'll both be getting ready in...probably not. If you have a "must get" shoot list a mile long and the bridal prep, groom prep, ceremony and reception venues are all scattered within a 10 mile radius...yes.

During an initial consultation, I will work with you to find out what the right amount of coverage is for your event. I usually recommend a second shooter if (1) you want “getting ready” coverage and the bride and groom are not within walking distance of each other, (2) you have 10 or more people in your wedding party, (3) you have more than 150 guests and/or (4) your photography timeline is very tight.

Another thing to keep in mind is that a second shooter can get an different perspective and allow me to focus on the “main characters.” Layout of the ceremony is another thing to consider. If your shot list is more than I can accomplish in the space I’m able to move, I will recommend a second shooter. I am perfectly comfortable shooting a wedding without a second shooter or an assistant, but the extra set of eyes makes a big difference in your final cut of images.