Stillwater Senior Guy Portraits

I'm going to be honest. Most guys I encounter in my profession see a camera and run...or try to. But I'm pretty fast...j/k! Seriously, though. I spend a lot of time before the session and durning the beginning of my photoshoots breaking down the hesitation barriers for both men and women. It's totally normal, and a BIG part of what makes me good at my job, so I've been told.

Timmy needed no such primer. I was the one trying to keep up! We palled around downtown Stillwater and I clicked away like I do while Timmy struck poses like a boss. He didn't even bat an eye when I suggested he climb into a spidery cliff cove next to a highway (they have those in Stillwater).

Thanks, Timmy, for a great photo shoot, and for laughing at all my terrible jokes.