At the table: Dustling and Hart

Since starting K Solberg Photography on a very part time basis a few years ago, I've had a few "interns" come my way. They have one thing in common: unlimited creative potential. They also graciously sat through my impassioned ramblings about the craft of photography while I simultaneously stumbled through learning the business. 

The first of these lovely people has gone on to become what she calls a maker, crafting beautiful leather journals, inspired by a life of adventure. Kaia of Dustling and Hart is one of the most bold and passionate human beings I know. In looking for a suitable gift for my friend Hannah, I immediately thought of Kaia's work.

Hannah is an artist, musician, nurse, and soon-to-be world traveler, so I wanted to give her something that would honor her many talents and be a vessel for her adventures. I think I landed it. Kaia designed this journal especially for Hannah with her upcoming trip to Africa in mind.

And since everything cool in my house happens at the kitchen table, Hannah and I spent some time there marveling over the craftsmanship and rugged beauty of this substantial piece of art.

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