More Fun With Friends – Minnesota Senior Portraits

Take everything you know about senior portraits and burn it.

Ready? Ok!

It's pretty par for the course for a senior portrait photographer to get a group of students together for a promotional senior portrait shoot. That's nothing new. But it's always been this "exclusive" and "elite" sort of popularity contest (which is usually a pretty penny and comes with a lot of strings). They've always looked like a lot of fun, but they are so exclusive that the whole practice just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Also, why would I use group marketing photos to sell individual photo sessions? So I decided to take all the senior portrait conventions and burn them. Why not offer a group session to whoever wants it? Why not have your best friends with you for your senior portraits?

I've done many senior portrait session where being alone in front of the camera is a big hurtle for clients. I can totally relate. I work on this side of the lens for a reason. But having your friends there to cheer you on? And getting the rare keepsake of a non-selfie group photo! I'll jump in front of a camera for that. Also, having been in the wedding industry for a while now, I know that half the fun of getting ready to take photos (or get married, I guess) is, well, getting ready...

So I got a group of high school girls (who are real life friends) together and I invited some of my event industry friends, too.

It was really, really fun!

Chelsie Lopez of Chelsie Lopez Production & Marketing did an amazing job on a behind-the-scenes video, so you can experience all the glamor and laughter for yourself. Bonus: I show off my super secret photo ninja move at the end:

Instead of just drinking a gallon of coffee while everyone got ready (it was early), I drank coffee AND took some behind the scenes pics:

The space was offered by the insanely brilliant Heidi Mathson of Dream Day Dressing Rooms. Heidi's innovative company stages bridal suite spaces on-location, but her warehouse space is like the wonderland of studio props. 

Hair and makeup was done by the equally (highly) sassy and talented Jody Winter of Winter Artistry. The girls provided their own clothes, but Cia Osterhouse of Style by Cia pulled everything together with her amazing Chloe & Isabel accessories and her incredible eye for ... (insert drumroll) ... style!

We spent some time taking individual portraits as well as group shots. Keep going to see what these girls had to say about the experience.

I absolutely loved the experience. Kirsten and the girls made me feel beautiful and did an outstanding job putting everything together! Not only did the session exceed my expectations, but it was so much more fun to experience the photoshoot with my close friends!
— Claire
I was nervous about getting my picture taken, but once we started the session, it was fun and I didn’t need to be nervous. After seeing my pictures, I was very excited because they turned out wonderfully. It was everything I wanted in a senior photo shoot, and more!
— Emma
It was so fun to see my friends getting photographed and encouraging them! It was just a really cool thing to experience with them :) I knew there was going to be some great shots and after seeing them it really confirmed it! I was so happy with how they turned out!!
— Sophie
My favorite part of the group portrait session was being able to be with friends that I knew and getting ready for the actual session, i.e. make-up, jewelry, and hair. Being able to see my images after the group session was so cool!! I loved getting to view the pictures in one group and getting to see what they looked like after getting my hair, make-up, and jewelry done.
— Taylor

All together now!

I want to do this all the time. And since I'm my own boss ... I can! I'm giving senior portrait clients the option to do a solo or group session, and to have either the simple, classic "show up and shoot" session or to have the entire experience featured here. Check out details and pricing here!

This kind of fun is not a one-woman show. Pictured above are all the awesome people who made this shoot happen...minus Jackie, who took this photo and other behind the scenes shots.

This photo shoot was made awesome by:

Studio space: Dream Day Dressing Rooms
Accessories & Styling: Style by Cia
Hair & Makeup: Winter Artistry
Videography: Chelsie Lopez Production & Marketing
Assistance and behind-the-scenes photos: Jackie Adelmann Photography
Outdoor location: Northwestern University