St. Paul Newborn Lifestyle Session — Baby D

K Solberg Photography Minneapolis

Becoming a parent is a singular experience. There's just nothing else like it. No matter how a child comes into our lives, no matter how long you've pined for them or how much their arrival catches you off guard, what they bring with them or what they demand of you, children bring to life a whole new part of our hearts. And it grows with them.

Baby D takes up a very big part of Dom and Julia's hearts. He's the next and best chapter of their love story, which you can catch up on here and here. These two are head over heels for this little guy.

This is becoming my favorite type of photo session: to come into the quiet, everyday rhythm of this new adventure for families. Free of agenda, we simply walk through the day and capture the heart of the moment.

I could go on, but I think I'll let these image speak for themselves. Enjoy!

Service Package: In-home Life Session

It's an incredible privilege to be invited into people's homes, into their lives, to observe and preserve the everyday. Photographing people is my passion. This moment never happens twice, and photographs have perfect memory. Book a session. You won't regret it.

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