Bridal Portrait Throwback — St. Paul Lowertown Rock the Dress Session

K Solberg Photography Minneapolis Bridal Session_0056.jpg

I was very diligently (not really) archiving some (thousands) of my past photos and came across one of my favorite portrait sessions of all time. This epic session was shot before I jumped on the blogging wagon, and I just couldn't help myself when I came across it. Don't you think this one deserves some big photo blog time?

Julia & Dom got married a few years Scotland. No big deal. And since their 3 year anniversary is coming up and they've had a couple session with me since this one, it seems fitting to look back on this charming and—dare I say—sexy "Rock the Dress" session. Why have a bridal session in plain ol' Minnesota when you got married in Scotland? Because St. Paul is awesome and there's never a bad time to prance around Lowertown in a wedding dress and a kilt. Obviously. Also, there are NEVER too many photos of this adorable couple.

Don't get me wrong. I love the wedding day. But these non-wedding-day sessions are so laid back and low-pressure, especially for the couple. Imagine getting all dressed up without the pressure of cramming a thousand photos, two hundred people, a ceremony, a cocktail hour, a meal, speeches, and a dance into 8 hours. 

It's just the two of you (and me, but I don't count) and all you have to do is smile, mostly at each other. It's as fun and easy as it looks.

Interested in a couple's session that's loads of fun without the loads of wedding-day stress? Contact me for details and check out more of my work here.