DIY Done Right — 6 steps to creating incredible wedding stationery with Basic Invite

I have a confession.

I've fallen madly in love with Basic Invite products. It may even be the beginning of a long-term, committed relationship. I'm so convinced, I even printed some sample wedding invitations!

But seriously, if you're planning a wedding, here are 6 steps to creating custom wedding stationary with Basic Invite. This is DIY at it's finest. 

Step 1: Choose your style

Basic Invite has over 200 different wedding invitation sets. Each set is well designed and contains multiple elements (such as invitations, save the dates, RSVP cards, place cards, etc.) and even different layout options (5x7, trifold, die cut, etc.), so you can really make your entire wedding stationary set unique and coordinated.

I've seen every wedding invitation style, color, font, bla, bla, bla... Until now:

Hot damn! This is Basic Invite's new line of Clear Invites. I might plan a fancy party JUST so I can make and send these. I've never seen anything like them. They are thick, rigid, light, durable, and BEAUTIFUL! 

There's even several design options for my favorite style of invitation: the trifold!

This folded invitation really makes a statement. There's plenty of room for all the information your guests need to know, and some beautiful photos.

Step 2: Choose your products

Usually when looking for wedding stationery, the save-the-date and invitation set are a given. But what about place cards and programs? The wedding guest book? If you haven't thought about those things yet, you will eventually. Like at 2 am six weeks before the wedding. Don't do that. There's not time like the present, especially when Basic Invite has all of these products and more, and likely ones that coordinate with your invitation. How cool is that?

Oh! And if you want to ditch that boring white envelop, go ahead and replace it with your choice from 40 different envelop colors and styes (including sparkles!). And leave the licking for the wedding cake frosting, because ALL of these envelopes are peel and seal!

A quick word about guest books. Basic Invite sells keepsake quality, customizable guest books that have a hidden, durable ring binding and lay flat for your guests to easily leave well wishes. You can add photos and text to the cover, add text to the spine, and customize the color. 

Photo provided by Basic Invite

Photo provided by Basic Invite

Speaking of custmoizing...

Step 3: Customize

This is the part that can really trip people up. There's nothing as fun and exciting as using a completely new online stationary interface! Right? Fear not, DIYers. Basic Invite has one of the most intuitive and fluid customization interfaces I've every used! I created seven different invitation sets, all completely different from the original template I started with, and I was able to save my work and return to my drafts several times, without losing any progress or pulling out a single hair. And I didn't even swear once! That has to be a record. 

You can "stick to the script" or choose from tons of fonts. And, best of all, there are 180 different colors available, and EVERY. SINGLE. DESIGN ELEMENT. can be customized with these colors. This is one feature that really sets Basic Invite apart for me in the world of online stationery options. There are also several designs with a foil option (silver, gold, or rose gold) to give your invitation a fancy flair. 


Step 4: Order your sample

I've tried every online stationery service under the sun. Wedding stationery can be a nightmare if you aren't sure what you're getting. Many online stationery companies offer "samples," meaning they send you a pre-packaged set, the same set they send to everyone. Basic Invite will send you one of these, right along side any and all FULLY CUSTOM samples of your own invitation designs. Here's what I got in the mail:

This was a game changer for me. Their entire customization and sample ordering experience is more like working hand-in-hand with a design studio than ordering mystery paper online. Because along with this sample set, I got an email from an actual stationery designer at Basic Invite asking how I liked my samples and if I needed help making changes or placing a final order. Seriously! 

Step 5: Place your order

With your sample in hand, there's no wondering what you'll get when you place your final order. Now you just have to wait those 5 business days (yes, you read that right) to get your order and begin the soul-sucking address labeling process. Or not...

On top of all the other amazing things they do, Basic Invite offers FREE address collection services, including a link for guests, and free envelope printing. So burn that spreadsheet, or that annoying Facebook group chat and let Basic Invite do the rest. Which brings us to:

Step 6: Put your feet up

You have now completed the wedding planning hurtle that most closely resembles tax season. And you did it without crying, cussing, or eloping. So pop open a bottle of wine, you wonder woman (or man) of wedding planning, you!

Pro tip: Basic Invite is running a limited time sale of 15% off everything! So if you're itching to get those invites printed, or want to play around making samples in the wee hours of the night like I did, use this code to redeem your deal: 15FF51