Product Spotlight – Senior Tablebooks

I love the process of making pictures. But perhaps the one thing I love more is making pictures into an experience. Enter the Tablebook, a beautiful, affordable and timeless home for senior and family photos. I adore everything about this product, from the exquisite cover to the layflat pages. It's as wonderful to touch as it is to look at. And the binding! I am a sucker for great binding.

Being a press printed book with single layer pages, the Tablebook comes in at a few hundred dollars cheeper than a photo-printed, rigid-page album. And what's not to love about a beautiful product at a great value?

The design is also something I don't mind bragging about. I pour my 10+ years of print layout experience into these books, giving my clients something they simply can't get from a DIY photo book website. And if I'm being very honest, I have this book in mind when I'm shooting a session, so the pages flow naturally from start to finish.

Bottom line: If you're going to invest in great photography, I hope you put some thought into where those photos will live. Framed prints are great, but this book will probably be around much longer and will let you relive so much more than a single photo will allow. 

Tablebooks are available to past and future senior or family portrait clients. Contact me to learn more.