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Minneapolis Family Session

Well, it's fair to say I'm behind on blogging. So why not kick off the early spring with some fall fun and a shameless best friend plug! 

Growing up, I longed for a sister. I have two great brothers, but there was just something about having a sister that I deeply wanted to experience. I imagined someone who would be as recklessly daring as I am and with whom I could share hopes and secrets. Neither of my brothers are recklessly daring. In fact, they're both pretty level-headed. That's probably why they survived having me as a big sister. This adventurous disposition is probably why, when I was 15, my mother sent me on a youth camping trip...where there was professional supervision, harnesses, and helmets. 

There was also Brittney, a bright-eyed girl who was equally as adventurous and appropriately more responsible than me. We were insta-friends. We got very little sleep that week because most nights we spent talking and looking at the stars. (At 15, you can stay up all night and still rock climb and white water canoe for 7 days in row!)

It's been 15 years. Brittney has been my unofficial sister for half of my life. We shared our hopes, our secrets, and many adventures. One of those adventures was a girl's day hike to which she said she was "bringing a friend." That friend turned out to be Nick (handsome dude pictured above). They've basically been inseparable since. 

Our current adventure is perhaps more daring but infinitely more responsible than our previous escapades: motherhood. It is terrifying, tiring, wonderful and hilarious. It has taught us both more about ourselves than anything before it. We refer to our sons as "mandatory best friends." They haven't fought us on this (the ONLY thing they haven't fought us on). Our sons are adventurous. Sometimes a little too adventurous...just like their mothers.  

Since Brittney is usually on the other side of the camera with me (she's often my assistant/second shooter), it's fun to get her in the frame with the two people she loves best. So have a break from this muddy, gray winter (if you're in the midwest) and take a look at this gorgeous family.

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